Everyday Revolutions

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mid-day exhaustion fits like a thick velvet sleeve behind my eyelids.
Envelopes intention, motivation, vision and energy level
I blather and run my mouth just to get oxygenated blood running through my brain
then pause and space out
visually suspended on a frond of a dried out fern
craving a cool shady alcove
jade green and honeydew melon breeze
a hammock of spongy moss
to cradle the steep ramparts of my buzzing and fatigued mind

elsewhere in the world......
a child of any particular age
flees into her imagination
envisioning waterfalls, swirling bathing pools, sun dappled boulders
chesnut eyed forest creatures spying on the splashing
from behind brambles bushes and branches

in visceral reality I'm seated at a triangular desk watching words escape my fingertips like disturbed bats from their guano filled cave
the screen is flat ceilings high breathing measured
i feel the tips of my eyelashes feathering against my eyelids
it's Friday

Monday, March 1, 2010


todaze skin is rice paper thin. mental gears grind crunch - n- scrape,
compassion lubricate my cutting judging tongue

outside the side space between my ears conversations continue,
buses exhale at their stops, traffic reds and greens,
jehovah's soliciting
fruit stands beckoning,
grey clouds blanketing, power lines surging, electric cables spark
some eyes smile some faces remote expressionless, furrowed, squinting, stresses
all migrating to individual destinations with no purpose or a special task

the concrete is wet the people pulse
throngs and thickets of population invited by the light of day and the 24 hour period named