Everyday Revolutions

Friday, July 2, 2010

Self Love & Social Justice

I do a lot to help my family, my community, and the immediate world in which I circulate and live. Everyday. WHen I was in middle and highschool, a card carrying member of the Socialist Party and the Black Panther Party ( Yes, they DO accept Mexi-Jews for membership ), I affected social change by mentally spinning, verbally diatribing, marching, protesting, journaling, fantasizing, gradeosizing, emoting my tortured soul and harboring loud-deep-wide, and razor sharp resentments. I isolated within myself, alone in a crowd even while participating in lively conversation. I was de-pressed, emotionally caved-in, and blaming myself unconsciously blaming myself for Regeanomics, U.S. foreign policy and the hypocritical and contradictory nature of the capitalist democratic system of disparities, and every prejudicial oppresive manifestation of it. I was the self-appointed unproductive sentinel of the Western Hemisphere. WHile many other young people were involved, organizing, actively helping, their communities, I was doing that and more, just in my head.
Today, now, I shower, floss, and brush daily. I quit smoking, excercise, meditate and pray. I make mistakes, offend and mess up, and get to admit my wrongs, apologize, forgive myself, and move on. Sometimes I repeat the same error again. I'm human. I'm human?!
This is my new form of community organizing and activism, self-love.
I know the people of Haiti and the Darfur region appreciate it.