Everyday Revolutions

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Asuntos - Issues

Life nowadays finds me looking for the beauty and the lesson at the end of many uh situation, inner dialogue, encounter.....though there are momentary lapses of positive spiritual logic. Allow me to spew, I mean, share a series of tangental rants with you.....these are not meant as rhetorical or esoteric questions and generally revolve around sharing public transportation with my fellow urbanites.

Why are you standing in the door of the train when there are empty seats? Why can you not move your 200lb.+ frame over to the window seat so I don't have to push by you/step over you? Must you defecate in the middle of the sidewalk? It's called a sideWALK for a reason, you don't see me walking in the bike lane do you? I'm happy for you that you're phone is also an MP3 player but have you considered earphones? Is it possible you could close your legs an inch or two so I can unglue my thighs from oneanother? I'm not interested in your phone conversation, continue out of general public earshot - please. I don't want to hear about your babysitter's health problems. Yes. I know. I desperately need to buy a car and or wear horse blinders and soundproofing headphones.....