Everyday Revolutions

Friday, September 3, 2010

Modinha - Roberta Sa e Yamandu Costa

The back of my head is resting on the roots of the tree, watching the sky through the blowing leaves and branches

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I'm sure if I hadn't ended my intimate relationship with my Blackberry Pearl, and moved onto Samsung flip with Metro, I would be one of those people with white cords hanging from my ears connecting me to an ipod or Mp3 playera and my fingers tapping, my bad, touching, their phone screen simultanously. Alas, I am not. As the result of an a sweeping personal inventory of my finances, I decided to economically upgrade to 40 dollar a month phone service bill and a bare essentials cell phone - texting, calling and my FAV, receiving calls. I often watch people dumbfounded but completely empathetic and compassionate to their techical gadget plight as they literally juggle cellular apparatI. Some mornings I seem to be the only one around me not looking at my hand tapping, touching, texting, playing video games. For me this is a gift and a blessing. One of my affirmations is, "I AM a cool new millenium chic, and an actual grown-up", even though I am ipod, touchscreen, hella apps-FREE. I am left with time to philosophize on how frickin WILD technology is and how much my high adrenaline speedy brain benefits from living technologically simple in the most important moments - the in-between moments. What are some of your information, facebook, craigslist, blogging, tweeting epiphanies? How have you altered, evolved and transformed with the rythm of contemporary urban life?......